Shipping Crates, Boxes & Cases

We manufacture shipping crates, boxes & cases, all designed to protect your goods during transport, Australia-wide or overseas. All shipping crates and boxes can be export compliant.

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  • Any design to your specification.
  • Can supply cradles to support cylindrical goods ie. steel shafts, axle, pipes.
  • Can supply up to 100mm thick flooring for heavier equipment.
  • Can be flat-packed and transported in packs

Shipping Crates

A shipping crate is the ideal packaging solution when full coverage isn’t necessary. The reduction in materials means a crate weighs less than a box of the same size – saving on manufacturing and transport costs. An example of this would be produce bins, commonly used in the agricultural industry to transport goods.

Additional features for our shipping crates:

  • Stencilling or Branding: your company name/logo
  • ISPM-15 Export Certified: heat treated for export requirements
  • RFID: for asset tracking

Shipping Box

A shipping box is a fully enclosed packaging solution, ideal when the protection and security of your goods is a top priority. If security isn’t a main concern, then a crate might be worth considering. Boxes and Crates can be supplied as a flat pack.

Additional features for our shipping boxes:

  • Stencilling or Branding: your company name/logo
  • RFID: for asset tracking
  • ISPM-15 Export Certified: heat treated for
    export requirements

Optional Features

Fisher’s provide branding options for easy identification

Fisher’s offer colour coding to suite your sorting system

Certified for global distribution and to ISPM-15 Standards


Companies that warehouse goods within Australia
Businesses that circulate pallets within their own domestic supply chain
Organisations that ship domestically to a limited and known client base

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