Australian Standard Pine Pallets

Ideal for moving and storing goods in warehouses. Enquire about our Export Pallets for any shipments going overseas.

The 2-way pallet configuration requires fewer components to achieve a stronger, more durable pallet, making it more affordable. This pallet is compatible with Australia’s most used racking/warehousing solutions and RACE (container) of the Australian railways.

Partial 4-way entry available

Australian Standard Pine Pallet – 1165mm x 1165mm

Capacity Load Tare Weight Overall Height
Standard 2000 kg 27 to 35 kg 150 mm
Light Duty 1500 kg 17 to 22 kg 138 mm
Extra Light 500 kg 11 to 14 kg 112 mm
Heavy Duty
(4 Stringers)
3300 kg 30 to 38 kg 150 mm


Optional Features

Fisher's Pallets Customised products - Australian Standard Pine Pallets

Fisher’s provide branding options for easy identification

Fisher's Pallets Repair Service - Australian Standard Pine Pallets

Fisher’s provide repair services for our pallets and pallet-related products

Fisher's Pallets Colour-Coding Services - Australian Standard Pine Pallets

Fisher’s offer colour coding to suite your sorting system

Fisher's Pallets Export Certified - Australian Standard Pine Pallets

Certified for global distribution and to ISPM-15 Standards


  • Companies that warehouse goods within Australia
  • Businesses that circulate pallets within their own domestic supply chain
  • Organisations that ship domestically to a limited and known client-base

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CAD – Tailoring Your Products to Your Needs

With the use of PDS (Pallet Design System) we can customise a pallet/crate to best fit your needs. This program generates precise calculations to provide an accurate potential capacity load, pallet life based on usage, and the best way to stack your goods.

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