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Warehousing pallet solutions


Looking for a warehouse pallet solution?


How about an alternative to renting pallets? Why rent the pool, when you can own it!

For certain customers the benefits of pallet ownership will far outweigh the short term benefit provided by renting.
Everyone needs to optimise their supply chain investments to ensure they remain competitive
80% of businesses using rental pools have experienced paying for pallets they no longer have in their warehouse according to CSCL
(Centre for Supply Chain & Logisitcs) Australian Pallet Survey 2017 Report

Let’s explore the Fisher’s Pallet Solution:


  • The Fisher’s Warehouse Solution uses Australian Standard Pallets:1165mm x 1165mm x 150mm
  • Fisher’s Pallets are designed and built to last for more than 10 years with normal use
  • Pallets can be stenciled with your company name or logo
  • Repairable and trackable with each pallet potentially having two RFID tags
  • Available in heavy, medium, light duty and double width
  • Colour-coded edging available for inventory management


Who really needs a Fisher’s Warehouse Pallet Solution?

  • Companies that operate closed-loop supply chains
  • Companies that have pallet pools that are shipped to a limited and known client-base
  • Warehouses with Australian Standard Racking System


  • Lower total cost of ownership and improved control
  • Digital design services provided by Fisher’s predict service life and load capacity
  • Instant reporting on pallet inventory levels and location with RFID solution
    along with much faster stocktaking
  • Cash flow support from Fisher’s to smooth out the transition (direct debit payments
  • No internal pallet management resources (a real hidden cost in the supply chain)
  • No lost pallet charges and no admin fees
  • No paying for pallets that don’t exist and less frustration

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